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Through the various positions I’ve held within the Bay Area arts community, I've learned a wide range of skills and practices, which I couple with my degrees in English and Art History, to create well-researched and innovative plans to help artists advance their careers. I've succeeded in client services, marketing and public relations roles and use this background to provide development assistance for artists and creative professionals and offer a support system to explore new ideas.


As the art world rapidly evolves in our tech driven society, it comes with inevitable growing pains. Although the artist is the first to feel the effects, they are often left out of the conversation. It is my goal (and hope) to help all creatives feel more secure in our modern day environment by offering tools and guidance to build a successful career.

Mary Button Durell, Nest, 2011, paper, 4.5 x 5 x 5.5 in.

Mary Button Durell, Sculpture Assemblage, 2016, paper and teasels 

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